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    Studying is more than just reading books and taking exams. Studying gives you the opportunity to choose which type of academic you want to be. You can, for example, develop into becoming a scientist, or use internships to look for a workplace that suits you best. Or what about doing a board year or a second study? In terms of subject material, you can broaden it or go into depth.

    But how do you get the most out of your study time with all these options? To do so, you first need to know where your interests lie. This test will help you think about that. Discover what kind of student you are and what the VU has to offer you in the coming years.

    Game explanation
    This short quiz consists of 6 questions. For each question, scroll through the five answers and choose the answer you think is best for you by clicking on 'next'. There are no right or wrong answers. When all questions have been answered, you will be shown a profile that matches the answers you gave. And, is it correct?
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    No personal data will be collected through this online quiz. During the test a cookie is placed, but it is not stored. When the browser is closed, the cookie disappears.

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