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    More tips from VU Amsterdam

    Are you looking for interesting activities to do during or next to your studies? Here are some more tips for what you can do at VU Amsterdam.

    High score on Academic:

    • You can broaden or deepen your knowledge by taking extra courses.
    • You might be interested in the honours programme.
    • The VUAssociation organizes lectures and other activities. 
    • You can Study Abroad. If you want to, you can't start orienting yourself on this early enough. Time goes faster than you think! 

    High score on Professional:

    • An Internship is the perfect way to discover if certain work is for you and to work on your professional skills and resume. You can search for one yourself, but the VU also has an overview of internship placements that are offered.
    • Several faculties have Career Centers where you can orientate and prepare for your career after your studies. The Faculty of Social Sciences has the Social Sciences Career Platform (log in with your VUnetID and password).
    • The Center for Entrepreneurship offers support to students with an interest in entrepreneurship.
    • At the Demonstrator Lab, students who are thinking about starting their own business are welcome.

    High score on Societal:

    • In the VU internship for Diversity, Debate & Dialogue Masterclasses, debates and webinars on current social themes are regularly organized.
    • A Broader Mind is a VU course focused on your role and that of the university within society.
    • Community Service Learning offers a nice mix of learning and contributing to solving a social problem.
    • In the Green Office you can commit yourself to making the university more sustainable.
    • Are you interested in other cultures and improving your (English) language skills? Become a buddy for other international students.
    • See more initiatives for and by students within the VU Community on VUweb.
    • As part of a Dream Team you will be working with a diverse student team, joining forces to make a positive societal impact, while also developing on a personal and professional level. 

    CV-boost for every student:

    • The student councils represent students within the university. Joining them gives you the opportunity to do something for your fellow students and to develop yourself.
    • In the Program Committee you can work together with your fellow students and lecturers on the quality of your program. At the beginning of the academic year, the PC often looks for new student members.
    • VU Student Jobs offers fun side jobs for VU students. The vacancies vary from student assistant at a research group to office manager or VU student ambassador. 
    • Outside of your study program, the VU offers all kinds of courses, from personal effectiveness to presentation.
    • Do you have so many things to do at the same time that your studies are in danger? Make an appointment with the academic advisor.

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